Who does what?

Organisation of natural risk management in different alpine coutries


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The 'Who does what?' was produced by the PARN in the framework of the WorkPackage "Risk Prevention and Risk Management" (WP6) of the AdaptAlp project.

This interface is implemented in order to compare the organisation of natural risk management in the different alpine coutries on a national and regional level.

The 'Who does what?' provides a short description of what the involved institutions specifically do in each step of natural risk management in the different countries. The interface allows to display this description for up to 3 countries on a single web page for comparison.

(1) The common organisation for all kinds of natural hazards and the specific organisation for (2) floods, (3) avalanches and (4) landslides are described.

Links point to a more detailed description of the stakeholders and tools involved in risk prevention and risk management in France, Italy and Slovenia.


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